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the process

Phase 1

Sending connection requests

This is why Linkedin is one of the best lead generation tools, they give you a search function that can get very specific.

Here you can get as specific as you want. If you are a company that is serving a local community, you can put your city in (*Mostly bigger cities).

Most importantly you can search by job title, so you can get 11,000 Realtors in Chicago, and then narrow from there. Maybe you want them from a specific company like Keller Williams or @properties.

Everytime you hit the connect button, I would wait around 15 seconds. LinkedIn can pick up on your cadence and try and get you for spam.

You can get a bot or service to do this, but that is always a liability just in case LinkedIn changes their terms of service.

Phase 2

Messaging new connections

If you click here, it will take you to your connection list and it’s conveniently defaulted to sort by recently added.

Since you will be doing this daily, you should have about 20 messages to send. I would create a couple templates. One would be for if you reached out to connect with them and then another template for if they reached out to you.

Then just work on personalizing them with their first name and industry they are in, and have those to copy and paste to each new connection.

Again try and wait a bit in between sending messages so you don’t get flagged as a spammer in their back end system.

Phase 3

Comment and like on similar posts

Now it’s time to give back and engage with your community. Give insightful comments, feedback and advice. Don’t comment singular emojis, those give the least value and look like you are faking it. Provide value, not emojis.

Don’t only comment on other posts, but engage with people that are engaging with your content as well. You created a great piece of content, so make sure you engage with your content as well.

Again, don’t just say thanks and move on, create a conversation so you receive more comments and VIEWS!

This strategy goes in tandem with a great content strategy, but when all are put together you should see your connections, views and interactions only increase. 

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Other best practices:

Make sure your information on LinkedIn is just the right amount of keywords...

Now this isn’t SEO, don’t cram keywords into your profile just for exposure. You want to live in that middle ground of enough descriptors without getting too spammy. Staying with the real estate agent theme, you would want to put “Real Estate Agent Located in [Insert City].” Don’t go too over the top and say Real Estate Agent located in Chicago specializing in homes in this specific neighborhood. Keep it simple, but give enough info for you to be included in the searches you want.

Fill out the “Featured Section”

LinkedIn give profiles with more of their suggestions done than others, so do the work! Here, you should highlight some of your best posts on LinkedIn as well as something like a PDF that you’ve created for free. For more info, check out LinkedIn's article on featured sections.

Ask for recommendations

You just need a couple so find some of your best high profile connections, and ask away. 

Create your own LinkedIn URL

A color palette that is distinctly yours will tie everything together nicely.

Simple Style Guide

The brand guide document helps keep your brand consistent and easy to work with.