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I have over eight years of experience creating, implementing, and optimizing content for web and social media strategy for companies and brands. I've worked with large influencers such as The Kardashians, Snoop Dogg and more. I've created photo and video content, from 15 second commercials to long form documentaries. I've also created websites for charter schools, construction companies and more within the Chicago area.

Everything I create has been
made with the client's
in mind first

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Josh has built our website from the ground-up along with spearheading our marketing initiatives around enrollment. We wouldn't have the amount of admissions without him.

Alvin Boutte Jr.

CEO of Bronzeville Academy
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From understanding trends before they happen, to flawlessly executing growth strategies, Josh was an asset to our team as we got off the ground.

Nick McEvily

Partner at Further Faster Design
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Maybe you...?!

Coolest First and Last Name Ever

Assistant to the Regional Manager

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