Why You Need To Be Creating Videos Instead Of Literally Anything Else On Social Media

July 24, 2017


No matter what you are trying to market, there is no doubt that video is performing the best and it's only the beginning. People have transitioned to gaining info from text, to photos, to now videos.


All the social medias have made video their priority whether it's Facebook prioritizing it in their algorithm, Instagram and Snapchat stories, or just the sheer volume of views Youtube is seeing. Remember when a million views was cool? Now it's the norm, and if you know what's trending...you can get it too. 

First thing you need to think about is how your video is going to look like on someone's phone. Less than 20% of your views will be on desktop, so focus on those mobile views and check first to see what it looks like on your device before you do anything else. 

You can check out Facebook's video guidelines here, but I've found the best videos are in 4:3 format. The question everyone asks is, should I put those damn bars on the top and bottom of my video? The answer? Yes and no. You need to do it if it makes sense, but keep in mind the more text you use, the less reach it will get in the Facebook algorithm. 


The other question that is asked most is, how long should my video be? Well it depends on what your video goal is. If you already have a big network the time goal should be up to 2 minutes. No longer than that. People are mindlessly scrolling their feed and they will get bored if it's content they aren't interested in. If you are creating the video for ad purposes, the sweet spot is 15-30 seconds and I'd stick to the lower end of that spectrum. This video has to be flashy enough to stop that endless scroll and make them buy. 

A lot of what I mentioned in the Facebook section, applies here as well since...well they are the same company. But here are few other ways to increase your klout on Instagram. The first big area where many businesses fail is not using Instagram stories. You have a huge audience to see your images and videos on the actual platform, but there are eyeballs that are free that people forget to engage with. This video can be gritty and unedited, your audience will enjoy the normalcy of it all and relate to it better. 

It's very important here to stick to the shorter videos, no more than 30 seconds here also. Instagram audiences are still used to only having photos here, so their attention spans are still shorter.


If you have any voice over for your video, you need to make sure there are captions (this is important for Facebook too). You can either do this or create a "Tap for sound" icon and have it fade within the first few seconds. People need to hear your message and you have to guide them through that process. 

Alright here we go, the one social media avenue some people are still doubting. Well there's a reason Snapchat is #3 on the list and that's because it's the most underutilized platform. Chances are at least one of you reading this still think it's just an app to send NSFW pics. Well it's not and if you are trying to reach anyone under the age of 25 (70% of Snapchat's user base is under that) you are missing out on valuable eye balls. 

Obviously this is a lot like Instagram Stories, so I still suggest to do both, but when it comes to snapchat get weird with it! Their whole filter selection is what really has set them apart, so use it to your advantage. Get one of your customers to have a video of them with a basic dog filter! 

You might see that I didn't even mention Twitter. I've talked to many clients recently that want to up their follower count on Twitter and my question to them is...why? It's sadly a dying platform as much as people don't want to admit it. So don't spend your time on it, and spend your time on things that actually matter. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have the highest ROI for your time and that's what matters at the end of the day. 


Want to continue the discussion? Connect with me on Facebook, shoot me an email or send a carrier pigeon with a detailed handwritten note. 

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