What Really Makes Content Go Viral

July 24, 2017

Virality. It's an ever changing world on what's making view counts trend up, but there are three main ways to begin your path to being internet famous. Well that or just if you want something to be very high performing...which is you if you are reading this article. 


There are two obvious options that every marketer talks about. The first is to make your content relatable. When you are creating a blog post, a video, a Facebook ad etc... you need to ask yourself, "Would someone share this? Do they care enough about it to tell all their friends?" If you hop on your Facebook right now, the first 5 things you will see are your friends being very opinionated about something. If you have a story, tell it! That's what people really care about. Focus on invoking emotion from your audience, make them feel and you'll be on the road to virality soon.   

The second idea to think about is don't try to create the wheel. If you are a pizza shop owner, what are all the other pizza shops in your area doing and what is working the best for them. You can do this the hard way by combing through all their social networks, or the easy way which is using programs that do all the hard work for you.


I use Newswhip, but there are a few other options out there. Basically it gathers all of the Facebook posts, or any form of social media, and then it shows you what overperformed among posts in the past two months. This cuts all your guess work out and you are using science! If you want to talk more about how to do this, shoot me an email (but not before you read the third way to go viral). 


The third, and my personal favorite way to virality is...GET WEIRD! Stick to the above tactics, but at the end of the day you have to stand out. It doesn't matter if you have the best content, if the featured image of your article or video is boring. I try to create every one of my featured images to make people say, "Wait...what?" Just getting that will increase click conversions with ease. 


So if you combine getting weird, science and invoking emotion your audience is going to be much more invested in everything else you post. These are the keys to going viral but don't you want every post to go viral? Let me know how you are going viral in the comments below!




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